Long - term volunteers


Leslie Hamilton

Principal, Future Scape. Executive Coach and Change Facilitator. Experienced as a Curriculum Analyst and Curriculum Designer.


Megha Sharma

Creative Founder Fearless Empathy. Sustainable Fashion Design and Zero waste fashion researcher.


Allen Francis

Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering. Consultant in Sustainable Consumption and Production and Green buildings.

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Bhavika Khera

Web Development and Support

Short - term volunteers

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Aishwarya Ashok

Theatre and Communications.

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Mohit Arora

Mass Commutations. Photographer and Documentary maker.

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Isaac Perika

Mass Communication and Photo Journalist and Documentary maker.


Asha Joseph

Textile and Graphic Designer

Do you want to be part of a fashion revolution?

If you’re interested in ethical fashion and textiles, do get in touch. We can provide information on our programmas or answer questions about our organisation. You may be conscious citizen, or a fellow responsible fashion warrior, who is looking for their tribe. We’re happy to discuss new initiatives – be it on an organisational or personal level – related to what we do, in the spirit of conversation, collaboration and growth.

Current positions

If you’ve got a talent and want to join a progressive organisation looking to make real changes, drop Theresa a line. We’re looking for passionate and values-driven people to be part of our journey.

Specifically, we are seeking people to help spread the word – including a storyteller, social media producer, photographers, filmmakers  and graphic designer. We’re also looking for an administrator and project managers.

Advisory Board 

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Senior Advisor, Sustainability at Vector Ltd and Chair of the Circular Economy Accelerator in NZ. At Eco-Age in London, her responsibilities include sustainability strategies and ethical supply chain for clients including: Marks & Spencer, the Kering Group.

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Working with executives, business leaders, owner/operators, and entrepreneurs across a diverse range of industries, providing innovative financial systems and solutions.

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Risk Management consultant, social entrepreneur and international and social development expert.