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Theresa Grantham grew up in Auckland New Zealand in a time when all clothing was locally made but most of the components were imported. Nothing was wasted – buttons, zips, and cloth were just some of the things that were recycled.

Theresa’s career in haute couture industry began in London and continued on her return to New Zealand. In New Zealand she witnessed the rise of the fast fashion industry.


How were these unbelievably cheap garments being manufactured?

Theresa travelled to India in 2001. Transformational moments were mingled with many horrors; pollution, poverty, plastics, children swimming in rivers coloured from toxic dyes, and the plight of the cotton farmers.  It cemented her growing conviction to sustainability, ethics and transparency.

“My love for fashion conflicted with the fact that fashion was among the most polluting industries in the world. What I learned and witnessed first-hand, especially in the cotton industry, profoundly affected me.”

Seed to Self was born out of these experiences.

Theresa’s vision for Seed to Self is to create, a supportive community of fashion activists through collaborative initiatives that at its heart includes ethical, environmental, moral and socially transparent practices.

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To shift the paradigm in the textile industry to a socially and environmentally sustainable future​.

To cultivate responsible practices in the textile industry through self-enquiry, education, leadership and creative programmes

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Respect for nature and sustainable conscious values is at the core of all our programmes. Transparency, Accountability, Fair practice, Integrity, Innovation, Optimism, Participation and Diversity.

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Theresa’s professional career spans over 35 years of fashion experience in Europe as manager and consultant to Europe’s best haute-couture fashion stores. She was Group General Manager of SAKS Group NZ, the first New Zealand retailer of imported European designer labels.

After witnessing the devastating effects of the fast fashion phenomenon while travelling the textile trails in India, she set out to change the karma of clothing and launched Seed to Self.  Now Theresa is applying her experience and knowledge to transforming the textile and fashion industry. Her desire to live an extraordinary life has motivated her to take on challenging roles and achieve record milestones.


Thamar Verheul

Thamar is a professional travel / fashion photographer and website builder. As a creative fashion designer, Thamar specialises in sustainable fashion which is her passion. Thamar is very motivated to spread awareness through photography about the current fast fashion industry.

After studying fashion design in the Netherlands, Thamar travelled to various countries including India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. After witnessing the effects of the fast fashion industry, her interest in ethical and slow fashion became even bigger.