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The Seed to Self Journeys are journeys of learning and self-discovery. You will experience the impact of the current fashion paradigm, and visit organisations and artisan clusters who

are moving towards or have for centuries practiced sustainability. 

It aims to transform fashion and textile industry practices by taking participants through textile and craft value chains from its source to its final destination, meeting organic farmers, artisans and other workers behind the scenes.

Kutch, Gujarat - North West India

Craft and Design



January 16 - 27, 2020

Gujarat's rich culture is expressed through its intricate textiles and crafts.

Best described as a “Cradle of Craftsmanship”, Kutch is famous for weaving, block-printing, bandhani tie-and-dye, Rogan-painting, and impossibly complex embroidery.

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Assam, Nagaland, Odisha - North East India


An Uncommon 


February 1 - 12, 2020

Explore ancient tribal villages and the distinctive textiles of these three states. Enjoy the unique Muga silks of Assam, Nagaland's astounding array of textiles, embroidery, jewellery,  tattoos, and hairstyles.


In Odisha learn about the weaving, natural dyeing of cotton and silks that reflect these regions social histories through its textiles.

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Participants will experience the craft, colours, culture, tastes, and sights of Kutch in Gujarat, North West India. This is a unique opportunity to meet people in the textile & craft communities that have preserved their ancient techniques and designs for generations. Indulge in a rich and diverse cultural experience, historical sites, wildlife and surreal landscapes. It’s a journey filled with new inspirations, friendships, collaborations, workshops and memories that will last a lifetime.

Dates:                   January 16-27, 2020

Location:              Kuchchh (Kutch), Gujarat, North India

Duration:             12 days

Participants:        Individuals and groups welcome, minimum 6 persons,  Maximum 10

Registrations:      Opens 1st April and closes 30th September

Who is this for? 

  • Fashion and textile designers, buyers and retailers

  • Weavers, embroiders and natural dyers

  • Fashion marketers and media

  • Fashion and textile educators and students

  • Interior designers

  • Ethically sustainable innovation agencies

  • Socially and environmentally conscious individuals

For more detailed information: 

Email us : journeys@seedtoself.org 

or call / text us: +64 22 313 4893

What will you experience?

  • Meet craft historians, cultural ecologists, embroiderers, weavers, dyers and design centres spread across various villages in Kutch.

  • Participate in full day workshops on Ajrakh Printing and the Bandhani craft.

  • Meet the stakeholders and supporting organisations in the organic cotton supply chain.

  • Enjoy guided tours including heritage walks, local markets and the largest wildlife sanctuary in Asia .

  • Relax in unique accommodation and fresh, mostly organic cuisine.

  • Visit the famous  Craft and Culture Museum. View private textile collections dating back to late 1800 and early 1900’s, costumes and embroideries.

  • Experienced guides are  with you through the journey

  • Foster your personal development with the customised support of a professional coach.

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Seed to Self Journeys offers a first-hand insight into the creation and preservation of traditional handcrafted textiles in North East India. This part of India  is home to dozens of indigenous tribes. Each tribe has its own unique vibrant tradition of craftsmanship that translates into unique products.

Besides their contribution to agricultural activities, women in North East India are experts in weaving, a skill that plays a pivotal role in socio-economic life as well as in preserving traditional folk knowledge. Meet them, hear their stories and witness the creation of beautiful textiles and other crafts. Watch how weavers use colours and motifs as an expression of tribal folklore and share the meaning of symbols woven into textiles.

Dates:                   February 1-12, 2020

Location:              Assam, Nagaland and Odisha, India

Duration:             12 days

Participants:         Individuals and groups welcome, minimum 6 persons,  Maximum 10

Registrations:      Opens 1st April and closes 30th October

Who is this for? 

Join with others, like yourself, to create the fabric of courageous leaders who are both being the change the world needs and activating the change the world needs.

  • Fashion and textile executives

  • Interior designers

  • Fashion and textile buyers and retailers.

  • Fashion marketers and media professionals.

  • Ethically sustainable innovation agencies.

  • Socially and environmentally conscious professionals.

  • Conscious fashion consumers

For more detailed information: 

Email us : journeys@seedtoself.org 

or call / text us: +64 22 313 4893

What will you experience?

  • Visit weavers villages, hear their stories and witness the creation of beautiful textile

  • Participate in Natural dyeing,loin loom weaving, ikat weaving workshops

  • Visit organisations that are working towards preserving traditional weaving forms

  • Visit the leaders of successful organisations and fashion labels with value change transparency.

  • Experience self-reflection with a leadership coach to guide participants as they deepen their consciousness and connections.

  • Experience the excitement of a grand symphony of colours, tastes, smells and sights of North East India in safety, comfort and quality. 





India is a fascinating country, I have read a lot about it but never visited. Seed to Self Journeys offered a fantastic way to be introduced to this culture, through the medium of fashion and textiles which is my passion and profession. The fact that these cultures manage to exist in the world, where traditions are valued and the crafts and textiles become a lineage within the families. People live around their craft and culture. its an experience I will forever cherish".

- Jennifer Whitty, Director, Space Between
Craft and Design Odyssey, 2019

I grew up in farming so it hit me really hard when I learnt of the hardship of the organic cotton farmers. We got to spend time with the family of multi-generations of cotton farmers, grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers, mothers, their children, great-grandchildren. It was amazing to be a part of their struggles, their successes, their laughter and learning. This year, 2018, the organic crop was wiped out due to unseasonal torrential rain at exactly the time the crops needed to be harvested. Being organic can also mean pests especially if the weather and soil conditions are out of balance. There is a toss-up every now and then as to whether to go back to nonorganic seed suppliers. There are a number of impacts the farmers face such as financial issues. From what we saw the whole village cotton farming community remain committed to organic practices. They want to live in a healthy environment, eat healthy food, and have healthy children. A truly amazing experience

- Sue Prescott
Cotton Connections, 2018

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